Maraza gets racially attacked while playing games online


SA music artist Mazara experienced racist attack on another level while playing game online.

The star detailed his experience on Twitter with evidence of how he was being attacked.

Wow! Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve experienced THIS level of racism on @PlayStationUK. @DestinyTheGame saved my life in 2017. Unprovoked racist attacks like these make it hard to keep enjoying this gem the way @Bungie intended,” he said.

Mazara narrated the abuse experienced to the gamer.

“One of your boys called me a c**t when I suggested a stray (sic). The other tried to insult me, and stopped short of calling me a n**ger. The other told him to stop being a p**sy and just say n**ger.”

“After that it was a free-for-all with some calling me dumb and Ebola infested, while others said I shouldn’t use up all my rights so soon because I didn’t have them 70 years ago, when my parents were still picking cotton,” he said, adding that he lost his cool and “threw a few yo-mamas”.

This isn’t the first time Mazara had similar experience. He has a pinned tweet where he disclosed how he was racially profiled by his white friend.

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