Gauteng health officials encouraged by 100,000 COVID-19 recoveries


With the coronavirus expected to hit soon, the provincial Health Department said the recoveries showed its interventions were working

Despite Gauteng being the epicentre of COVID-19 infections in the country, provincial officials on Wednesday said that they were encouraged by the number of recoveries, which had passed the 100,000 mark.

With the coronavirus peak expected to hit soon, the provincial Health Department said that the recoveries showed its interventions were working.

The department said that out of a total of 74,106 contracts traced, over 53,000 people had completed the isolation process and had no symptoms of the coronavirus.

Kwara Kekana, the Department spokesperson said that this was a sign that they were doing something right.

Kekana mentioned that:

Gauteng registered 62% COVID-19 recoveries surpassing the 100,000 mark. The provincial Health Department is deeply encouraged by the rising numbers of recoveries.”

The province said that it was working on improving the speed to resolve unallocated cases as it now had over 5,000 such cases.

240 more people have died in South Africa after contract the coronavirus, bringing the national toll to 7,497.

The Health Ministry has also confirmed that over 11,000 new infections were detected in the past 24-hour cycle, taking the number of known cases in the country to over 471,000.

The recovery rate is now at 63% with almost 298,000 people having recovered so far.

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