Gunmen involved in killing of Eerste river girl allegedly wore police uniforms


That’s according to a community leader with knowledge of the incident in Heather Park on Tuesday night

It has emerged that the gunmen who fired the shots that killed a three-year old girl in Eerste River were wearing police uniforms.

This report was according to a community leader who happened to know about the incident in Heather Park on Tuesday night.

As at now, Police have not responded yet to claims that the attackers were in SAPS uniforms.

It’s understood that the 3-year old was sitting outside her home with her parents when three gunmen opened fire on them.

Julian Unthank, the Chairperson of the Concerned Residents Against Crime group said that the shooters were dressed in police uniforms.

The father tried to protect the child by running into the house but it was already too late. The opposition gang that is operating in the area then heard about all the shots in the area and they retaliated on these guys.”

It’s not clear who their target was but unfortunately, the girl was hit on the head.

Unthank said that the community had been plagued by ongoing deadly gang battles and the police were not doing enough to curb the violence in the area.

The anti-gang unit, however, reacted quickly to the shooting and arrested five suspects that same night on firearms charges.

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