Taxi associations warn drivers to wear mask or be fined



Wear a mask or be fined


Themba Kubheka, the secretary of the Greater North Taxi Association in Durban has announced that all Taxi drivers must make use of nose mask or be ready to be fined.

“If you see a taxi driver not wearing a mask during a trip, report him,”

This came after dozens of commuters complained about taxi drivers who defy regulations laid down to slow the spread of COVID-19 by not wearing masks or wearing it incorrectly during trips.

“Some taxi drivers are not wearing their masks, some wear it on their chin and that is not acceptable … We will be running a campaign to teach them about the importance of safety especially during the pandemic,” said Kubheka.

“Most of our drivers were ignorant to the fact that this is serious, but now they are starting to see the seriousness of the situation. We are pleading with them to always wear their masks, sanitize and wash their hands before and after every trip,” said Kubheka.

A commuter from Ntuzuma said drivers who do not wear face masks are endangering their lives and those of their passengers.

“They are most at risk as they transport a lot of people from different professions every day. It is their responsibility to make sure that everyone wears a mask when entering the taxi.”

However, according to Zwangabo Mjoka, he said taxi drivers in Malukazi, south of Durban, are leading by example.

He said most of them make use of their masks during trips except “a few bad apples” that need to be reported for breaking lockdown regulations.

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