Bodies discovered in shallow graves in Olievenhoutbosch


The Olievenhoutbosch community in Centurion, Pretoria has been left shocked by a grisly discovery.

A witness and community leader, only named Kgomotso, from the Olievenhoutbosh area has made a shocking discovery of three bodies allegedly buried, as well as an alleged confession from one of the culprits.

Three bodies have been in shallow graves in one yard and there was an impression that the bodies were buried alive.

Police are on the scene.

Kgomotso said:

I met the person who did those things. She confirmed that she hit her mother’s boyfriend and allegedly killed him.

She hit her brother with a bottle and buried him naked in the yard.”

Kgomotso claimed to have gotten the information when she acted as a sangoma, providing the woman with counsel.

The accused women then told Kgomotso everything, alleging that three people were buried.

Locals have been left terrified at the incident.

The location has been confirmed a crime scene by police who planned on digging any moment from Wednesday.

Police on Tuesday evening received information from one of the three detainees that he and three other suspects, including his mother, had killed and buried the bodies of the three victims in the yard.

The possible grave site has been cordoned off and declared a crime scene to avoid any tampering of evidence until the crime scene experts from the forensic science laboratory, process the scene.

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