Mbali Mbambo expresses how hurt she is after losing her father, Arthur Mbambo



Mbali Mbambo has expressed how she felt after she got the news of the death of her father.

She stated how she talks to him daily on social media and the actor always say he is doing fine.

“I would speak to him daily on WhatsApp and he would give me such hope that he was doing well and was going to pull through. I don’t know what changed because suddenly I got a call that he was no more. It felt like my heart had broken.”

Recall, veteran actor, Arthur Mbambo was pronounced dead last weekend after a long sickness which he was always going to his hospital in Johannesburg.

She stated that he was hospitalized  two weeks ago after his health became really worst and needed thorough medical attention.

“It was all so sudden. He went into hospital and because of Covid-19 we couldn’t visit him. That was the last time we saw him. I spoke to him the day before his passing and he said he was OK and was being looked after by doctors. He told us that we shouldn’t worry about him,” Mbali added.

Mbali also said that the family were really surprised at his death.

The actor was unable to attend his brother’s burial due to his health condition.

“I will always remember how he looked after me. He named me after a flower and I will always be his Mbali.”

In a statement, Muvhango’s producers paid tribute to the star.

“Word of Mouth Pictures and Muvhango wishes to extend heartfelt condolences to Mr Mbambo’s family,” reads the statement.

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