Gauteng hospital staff to be disciplined over ‘baby swap’



The Guateng health department has issued a stern warning that those that are involved in swapping babies in hospitals will face disciplinary actions.

The swapping of babies incident happened at the at the Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg and staff were allegedly involved in that act.

“The department finds this incident regrettable. The hospital concedes that the identification of the babies in procedure for discharge was not properly followed,” said provincial health spokesperson Kwara Kekana.

She said the two babies, a boy and girl, were born on the same day, July 24.

“The baby girl’s mother realised at around 9pm the same evening when she changed the baby that it was not her baby, as she had delivered a baby girl and she instead had a boy,” Kekana said.

Both mothers were interviewed and counselled.

Kekana said the matter was later referred to a social worker to ensure that a DNA test is carried out as one of the fathers requested.

The children have been admitted at the same hospital pending DNA results.

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