“I’m still mourning”, Toya Delazy says on grandma’s death



Artist Toya Delazy has taken to her social media to pour out her feelings after losing someone really close to her.

The star is someone who hardly post stuffs concerning her life on social media but this time around, the death really weigh her down.

Toya stated that she lost her grandmother in March last year after “a long and difficult illness” and she is still mourning her death because she really loved her.

Her grandma is Princess Irene Buthelezi, the wife of IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

“I’m still mourning, but this time I know the legacy I carry is of powerful women. I’m still mourning yet I remember that you still live within me. I’m still mourning. I’m still mourning yet I embrace the beauty of this life you gave me,” 

She also revealed that after the death of her grandma, she saw herself in a dark place because she was so special to her.

“I wrote Qhawe last year after devastatingly losing my grandma. Struggling with the loss of someone so special, I found myself in a dark place and at war with my own mind. Eventually, I realized that no cavalry is coming to save me — I needed to empower myself.”

“Goodbye, grandma. I still don’t believe it yet. Your spirit is larger than life, I still feel it with me. I couldn’t write anything or say anything yesterday. I am comforted by the fact that when you could feel it, I gave you my time,” She said.


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