6 amazing skin benefits of pomegranate & how to use it



Pomegranates are one of the prettiest fruits I’ve ever seen. They are considered exotic because of their unique pink seeds and on top of that, they’re highly nutritious.

These delicious fruits aren’t usually sold and so many of their benefits can go unnoticed. Research shows that it has many medicinal properties that prevent various forms of cancer, heart diseases, sore throats, dental problems and arthritis.

Another side of pomegranates is the beauty benefits they come with. They can do so much for your skin and in no time, you’ll realize how much progress you’ve made.

Read on to find out the skin care boosters you’ll get from the mighty pomegranate; Here are the 6 amazing benefits below:

1. Reduced signs of ageing

This skin ageing process needs to be slowed down once and for all. With vitamin C rich pomegranates, you could take off a few years from your skin because it increases your collagen levels to restore the right amount of firmness and elasticity to your skin. It fights oxidation thoroughly and you’ll definitely notice that the age spots and wrinkles are starting to reduce.

2. Fewer breakouts

This amazing fruit has your back when you’re dealing with acne breakouts, rashes and pimples. It’s specifically great for oily skin because it helps to regulate excess sebum. It will also clear up the harmful bacteria for healthier infection free skin.

3. Toned skin

One sign that shows wear and tear on the skin is dark spots, scars, dull skin and hyperpigmentation. Harsh environmental conditions, hormonal changes and harmful skin care products can cause discoloration and leave scars behind. You can use pomegranates to tone your skin so that you can have clearer, brighter and glowing skin.

4. Moisturized skin

Dry skin paves way for other skin problems. It can trigger acne, ageing and skin irritation due to low levels of moisture and sebum. Pomegranate has hydrating properties like punicic acid that can sooth and hydrate your skin. The juice can easily penetrate the skin for maximum hydration. This will keep your skin softer and more hydrated.

5. Sun protection

UV damage on skin can cause sun spots, signs of ageing and skin cancers. Exposure without any protection is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your skin. This fruit helps to protect your skin and fight the effects of overexposure to the rays. It has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties like ellagic acid that protect and repair skin damage. However, this isn’t a replacement for your usual sunscreen.

6. Skin healing properties

We all want to have healthy skin that glows. That dream can become a reality when you start using natural ingredients like pomegranates. It’s responsible for cell regeneration, PH balancing to reduce overgrowth of harmful bacteria, detoxification from harmful pollutants, scar healing, restoration of broken-down tissues and cells and so many other benefits.

  • How do you use it?

The seeds are packed with all these benefits because you can collect the juice. But surprisingly the peel also has added nutrients. That means you are getting added nutrients from just one fruit.

You can use pomegranate oil, juice, paste and powder for homemade face masks, toners and exfoliators or even buy products that have been infused with this powerful fruit.

If you’re interested in trying some homemade recipes, try dehydrating the peels and seeds then grinding to a powder or blend the seeds into a paste while adding other nourishing ingredients like yoghurt and honey. There are different combinations you can use for face masks and spot treatments.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to make tasty salads and juices with this fruit for other health benefits.

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