Bob Mabena’s first manager, Thapelo Thipe: He was always willing to learn


The legendary radio broadcaster – Bob Mabena died of a heart attack on Monday, at the age of 51

Bob Mabena’s first manager at Radio Bop said the broadcasting veteran always showed compassion, willing to learn and always went the extra mile.

Mabena died of a heart attack on Monday.

His passing has come as a great shock and surprise to the media industry and to those who followed this career from a young age.

Mabena began at radio bop under the leadership of former station manager – Thapelo Thipe.

Thipe said he spoke to Mabena just last week:

He would go the extra mile and each time after we had the show, he would evaluate performance that day. He would take such a time with great interest and he would always tell us what he would do to improve.”

Mabena recorded a popular track Get Funky with soccer legend Theophilus Khumalo known as ‘Doctor Khumalo.’

Khumalo said Mabena had such a significant influence in his life.


LISTEN:  Get Funky – Bob Mabena ft. Doctor Khumalo

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