Two seriously injured crewmen evacuated from crude oil tanker



Two crewmen have been seriously injured while in the line of duty.

The two seriously injured crewmen were rushed to the hospital after being rescued from a crude oil tanker anchored off Durban.

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Durban station commander, Jonathan Kellerman said after they were evaluated by an emergency services doctor, plus the help of the ship’s medical crew, they decided to take the crewmen to the hospital late on Monday.

A rescue team was dispatched via a sea rescue craft.

“Both casualties, a 56-year-old Filipino man and a 27-year-old Indian man, in serious but stable conditions, were secured into rescue stretchers and transferred from the ship to our sea rescue craft in a high-angle technical rescue operation,” said Kellerman.

The two men were transported to hospital by a Life Healthcare ambulance.

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