Hospital linen, clothes burnt and dumped in Komani



Following the discovery of more burnt Komani Hospital linen and clothes dumped in Cathcart on Tuesday night, the Eastern Cape health MEC Sindiswa Gomba declared that she would get to the root of this matter.

She made this known after an investigation was launched into the matter by her department.

Before this shocking discovery, linen and clothes were found illegally dumped in Mlungisi township in Komani over the weekend.

According to the provincial health department spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo, it was revealed that a laundromat tender awarded to a service provider whose contract ended last year was responsible for the linen and clothes found.

However, an investigation has been launched by the department to investigate how Komani Hospital linen and clothes were dumped and burnt in Cathcart.

Kupelo further disclosed that a team led by the security director to the hospital has been assigned by Gomba to investigate linen and clothes found burning on the side of the N6 in Cathcart on Tuesday night.

“We cannot have a situation where hospital linen and clothes are dumped or burnt because that means we are taking one step forward and two backwards as we have to constantly buy new linen,” said Gomba.

“This is unacceptable and all those found to be in the wrong will face the music. For now we cannot pre-empt what will happen, but if our staff are involved in this shameless act, our human resources processes will kick in,” she said.

The findings will be made known as soon as investigation is complete.


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