Massive hunt for a missing 3-year old Hout Bay boy


A three-year old boy went missing in Hout Bay and a search is still on for the boy. Community members think it could be related to kidnapping

A big hunt for the recovery of a three-year old boy is still on with community members and a dog unit assisting police in their efforts.

The boy, who is known as Anothando Mhlobo went missing on Monday at around 13:00 in Imizamo Yethu.

It was reported that he was with other children playing and having fun until his sudden disapperance.

It was also reported that the little boy was putting on a navy blue, red and white jacket with a pair of red and navy blue tracksuit pants, topped with a red and blue Spider-Man gumboots.

One of the members of the Community Policing Forum said he had a conversation with the local police and there was mass hysteria with little or no information.

Absence of verified information

So there’s no verified information about [a kidnapping].”

Despite the absence of verified information, community members took it upon themselves to search for the boy.

They walked along canals, under bridges and through wooded areas so the missing child can be found.

Moreover, there were cars lining the streets in Hout Bay and the rain didn’t hinder the residents from searching.

Anyone with vital information should contact Sergeant Smith on 083 522 1075 or the Hout Bay police station on 021 791 8660. Sergeant Njara can also be reached out to on 082 302 8370.

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