Farmers to protest against violent attacks



Farmers across SA have agreed to stage protests in the next few days.

This protest is to draw attention to violent attacks on farming communities.

In a statement by Agri SA on Thursday, the agricultural community has decided to voice out using various mediums which includes protesting against violence on farms, opposing bail for suspected perpetrators of farm attacks and showing support for police.

“These efforts are welcomed as they create further awareness of and draw attention to the devastating affect that crime has on the farming communities who produce food for the country and contribute towards the economy,” said Agri SA’s Tommie Esterhuyse.

Agri SA fully supports the actions by its member organisations. These are spontaneous actions by members to once again draw attention to the seriousness of farm attacks and violent crime in their respective communities and to express their condemnation in this regard,” said Esterhuyse.

He said any action will be carried out without deviating from the law.

Agri SA will continue to engage with the police to introduce appropriate measures to improve rural safety, such as the more effective implementation of the revised rural safety strategy.”

Agri SA and police in a joint statement this week expressed their concerns regarding ongoing farm attacks and presented proposals.

Among the proposals on the table is one to increase “visibility to curb farm attacks by both the police and farmers through the blue and white light patrols”.

Also, an “aggressive recruitment process of reservists” was proposed and shortened length of training programmes to encourage more farmers and farm workers to be part of the reservist system

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