6 surprising health benefits of Monk fruit



The world’s population consume and purchase various fruits on a daily basis but one fruit that most people don’t often consider to pick while at the fruit market or food store is the monk fruit.

One unique thing about the monk fruit is that as much as it may not attract ones attention compared to the vibrant and colorful fruits like oranges and apples, it is gradually gaining attention as a health-conscious food.

It has been used as an additive and remedy for diseases thereby giving its highly praised health benefits. As a sugar-free fruit, it offers significant benefits to one’s health.

Also, the monk fruit is widely used as a natural sweetener as it is made up of high glucose and fructose concentration with zero calories.

In this article, you will discover amazing benefits of the monk fruit as an option that you should always consider when at the fruit market or food store.

Here are the benefits below:

1. Promotes weight loss

The monk fruit helps lower the risk of obesity because it has zero calories and cabs which prevent weight gain. For anyone watching their waistline, the monk fruit can be a great substitute for the typical table sugar and ingredients such as chocolate.

2. Fights against diabetes

One of the most destructive daily consumables to humans is the overconsumption of sugar. However, the monk fruit is a great alternative to artificial sugar because it is a natural sweetener. For this reason, the monk fruit is effective in protection against diabetes. It is safe for consumption for people with diabetes because its sweetness originates from natural compounds called mogrosides that bring down the blood glucose levels in the body.

3. Prevention of cancer

Artificial sugars are highly associated with different cancers as sugars cause inflammation in the body that eventually become cancerous. Cutting sugar from diet by consuming the monk fruit, therefore, comes with anti-cancer benefits. Besides, research shows that monk fruit contains anti-carcinogen properties which have the ability to inhibit skin and breast tumor growth.

4. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fibrotic properties

The monk fruit mogrosides is praised for their antioxidant characteristics, which protects the body from tissue damage by free radicals – a main source of inflammation. Hence, the anti-inflammatory property of monk fruit is ideal for the prevention of many diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and digestive problems.

5. Fighting infections and prevents kidney failure

Due to its natural microbial agent, the monk fruit inhibits the growth of unwanted microbes by providing helpful anti-microbial properties that maintain the correct bacterial balance in the gut.

Hence, it is effective in suppressing the surge of antibiotic resistance. It is also used in the treatment of sore throats and gum diseases in the mouth. Also by inhibiting sugar overload, it prevents kidney failure.

6. Promotes longevity

The monk fruit goes by the name Longevity fruit or “luo Han guo,” which simply stresses the potency of the fruit. During the aging process, people start experiencing massive stress internally, increased inflammation, and the breakdown of tissues as the body degenerates.

Regular consumption of the monk fruit makes people live longer because the antioxidants in the fruit’s mogrosides control the inflammation and degeneration of body cells