Gyms all set to reopen as level 2 phases in



Since the level 2 lockdown has been phased in, Gyms and other facilities are getting ready to resume as well.

They plan to submit their Covid-19 protocols and as soon as the government approves it, they will open up their facilities.

Gyms and fitness centres have been closed since the start of lockdown four months ago.

In a statement, Virgin Active said: “Things will have to operate a little differently to what everyone is used to for a while.”

“Some people may not feel comfortable training in a club environment just yet, and they can either access our member library of more than 300 workouts or freeze their membership at no cost.”

It also addressed a misconceived idea that training with a mask can cause hypoxia and hypercapnia.

“It has been proven that training with a mask on poses no danger to you. It may not feel comfortable but there is no health risk,” the statement read.

Zone Fitness spokesperson Santie de Kock said: “Upon entry we will have screening and disinfecting stations, markers have been placed on the floors to ensure social distancing as well.

“In our cardio and free weights (sections) we have already spaced our equipment to adhere to the 1.5m social distancing required.

“Sanitiser stations will be available throughout the clubs, including spray and paper towels for the equipment.

“Social distancing measures are also implemented in the change rooms,” De Kock added.

Kalekuzi Cizungu, Pound4Pound Boxing Gym coach said his clients would possibly reduce because most of his clients are tourists and the country’s borders are closed.

“Customers should not be afraid to train as long as everything is sanitised. Everything will get better now that we are open, things will come around slowly,” he said.


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