Johannesburg struggles with electricity outages


Johannesburg has been tagged with having frequent issues coming up one time or the other. The constant trouble the metro faces is substation problems.

Lately, even before implementation of load-shedding started, large parts of Alexandra has been facing power outages.

Just last month, a suspected copper thief tried to steal from an Alexandra station but unfortunately became covered in flames.

Moreover, another incident happened in Sunday and resulted to explosion. The residents staying close to the substation are looking not to be safe.

The explosion of a transformer that occurred resulted to different parts of the city to be without power supply.

Blames have been on load-shedding, illegal connections and rapid population growth for most of the recent power outages.

City Power has promised the resident of Alexandra that power would be restored unfailingly on Thursday, following a three-year R2.6 billion budget.

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