Sad: 10 year-old sister and cousin witnessed Kwasa’s death



Kwasa’s uncle has disclosed that the tragic murder of his niece was carried out in the presence of two family members.

The death of the Wits University student, Asithandile “Kwasa” Zozo Lugalo in Dutywa in the Eastern Cape on Monday has sparked so many uproar among social media users and other South Africans, seeking justice.

However, her uncle, Simo Lugalo said the Kwasa’s 10-year-old sister and their 20-year-old cousin witnessed the incident.

“He came to the house and did this in front of this little girl. My sister was at work and she came back to see her child covered in blood.

Simo said Kwasa’s mother and family members are saddened by the death of their daughter and wants the killer to be imprisoned for a long time.

“Her wounds were too deep. Doctors couldn’t help her because she suffered a fatal blow which destroyed some of her arteries.”

The suspected killer was later arrested after the attack.

He allegedly overdosed on tablets but he is currently receiving treatments in Butterworth Hospital.

“We are calling for the authorities to give us justice by making sure that when he wakes up, he is sent to jail.

“He took someone special from our family. Asithandile’s mother is in a bad state. We are supporting her with everything we can do,” her uncle said.

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