Ramaphosa not in approval with Mboweni over tweets on Zambia


On Saturday, the president of Zambia – Edgar Lungu sacked Denny Kalyalya, who happened to be the central bank governor.

President Edgar Lungu sacked him without a specific explanation attached.

However, Tito Mboweni, Finance Minister, took to his Twitter page to tweet about the dismissal of Zambia’s central bank governor. But President Cyril Ramaphosa strongly reproofed Mboweni over the tweet.

In Mboweni’s tweets (which has been deleted), he called on Lungu to provide an explanation to the dismissal.

The president made his statement over Mboweni’s tweet:

In one of his tweets, Minister Mboweni is promising to mobilise if not given reasons why the Central (bank) Governor has been fired by President Lungu,” the presidency statement read.

President Ramaphosa wishes to assure the government and people of the Republic of Zambia that the unfortunate remarks do not reflect the views of the South African Government and its people.”

In another tweet (also deleted) posted by Mboweni on Sunday, he mentioned he is not backing from his initial tweet/comments. He added that:

Central bank independence is key. Not negotiable. Let all central bankers speak out!

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