5 body language mistakes that ruin relationships



Ever get the feeling that people find you to be cold, defensive, or unapproachable? Or that, your spouse finds you to be combative when you’re simply trying to hear them out? Your body language might be to blame.

You might be sabotaging your personal and professional relationships with an unconscious shrug, arm-cross, or tilt of the chin.

Such simple, non-verbal gestures and actions send the wrong signals and turn people off, making conversations difficult and unwittingly alienating people around you.

To help you understand, here are seven actions that speak for you — and say the wrong things:

1. Crossing arm

This body language means that you are not willing to listen to your partner. You may not intend to convey this message. But your partner may assume this and can feel unimportant in the relationship.

2. Keeping the chin up

Keeping your chin up means you feel confident of yourself and you are looking down on your partner. This body language is not flattering.

3. Pointing with your finger

This is a very common gesture which we tend to make unconsciously. But it’s not a positive sign. This sign defines you as a rude and aggressive person.

4. Poor posture

Any kind of poor posture with the head down shows weakness and vulnerability in you. It doesn’t show confidence in you.

5. Checking phone constantly

Checking your phone constantly is a very bad habit. This is one of the most common behaviours. It defines that we are not willing to listen to our partner. We are ignoring them.

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