7 ways to handle your partner’s annoying habits



We all have our very own annoying habits that we somehow think our partners must love and embrace. It’s unconditional love, we say!

When we fall for someone, we love everything about them, the bad before the good even. At first, we often think our partner’s little quirks are adorable and cute, not until the point when we actually start living with them.

And that’s when we realize that there is no such thing as unconditional love. Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to deal with some of these habits even though we didn’t use to mind them that much before.

The whole issue happens when we get stuck in the not-knowing-how-to-cope rut, leading us to eventually become burdened by accumulated resentful feelings towards our partners and the entire relationship.

Here are 7 ways to handle your partner’s annoying habits:

1. Communicate your feelings

Talk specifically about what is bothering you and don’t wait until you get extremely frustrated and become passive-aggressive with your partner. Don’t generalize, and only focus on the thing that annoys you.

2. Never nag

Don’t nag, period! Nagging is just a nasty habit that generates resentment and contempt over time. Not to mention that it is quite a turn-off, as well. Instead, have serious conversations about the problem and how to solve it.

3. Don’t over-criticize

By all means, avoid constant criticizing of your partner. Don’t mistake healthy communication and expressing yourself with continual disapproval of the other person’s actions.

4. Is it really your partner’s habits?

Stop and think first about what is really bothering you before you decide to declare war on your partner. Is it really just that nasty habit that’s driving you up the wall? Or are you, in fact, overstressed because of something else and are simply misattributing your feelings to something your partner has done?

5. Habit or character?

You first need to understand that sometimes, habits are not simply acquired behavioral patterns that eventually become involuntary ones. Sometimes, we mistake habits for characters. Is this a big part of your partner’s personality?

6. Practice listening more

Learn to listen actively to your partner and don’t always make it about what bothers you. It goes without saying that you, like your partner, probably have your own share of annoying habits that drive your partner insane. Detect these habits and change them. Basically, practice what you preach.

7. Give it time

After talking things through, give your partner time and space to change their habits. Don’t expect things to change overnight because they just won’t! Not everyone has the same pace or ability to change. Give them a break and appreciate that they are listening to you and trying their best to understand where you’re coming from.

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