Zweli Mkhize warns SA is not far from return to strict lockdown



Health minister, Zweli Mkhize warns that strict restrictions could still be considered to be reimposed despite the decline in Covid-19 cases.

Speaking at the Gauteng General Practitioner Collaboration panel discussion, he said he was pleased with the impressive decrease in the number of cases but got worried that a spike might occur if people neglect healthy safety measures.

He however hoped that SA would not have to reimpose extreme lockdown restrictions unlike other countries.

“The real risk we are worried about is a resurgence in infections if people neglect the precautionary measures”

“Some countries have had to reimpose strict restrictions. We will have to do the same if people start behaving complacently.”

“We hope we don’t have to go in that direction and it’s a decision that is not taken lightly. We do think it’s possible for people to exercise social behavioural changes,” he said.

SA currently has 611,450 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 13,159 deaths.

516,494 recovered which translates to a recovery rate of more than 83%. This is above the global average of 64.5%.

Mkhize commended the dedicated health-care workers for the recovery rate.

“All the people who have recovered, we talking about 83%, they recovered in the hands of health-care workers,” he said.

“We have taken the slogan ‘no PPE (personal protective equipment), no work’ because we want to encourage all those who are leadership to take the issue of protection of health workers very seriously.”

“It is duty to honour their sacrifice by committing fully to the safety and well being of health-care workers,” said Mkhize.

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