7 tips to help every woman dress classy on a budget



Every woman wants to look good and who does not? But what happens when you do not have a lot of money to spare?

What happens when you are on a strict budget but you are a fashionista and would love to always look great. Not to worry, we have got the perfect solution.

Below are some tips bound to help you:

1. Don’t spend money on clothing items you can’t afford

All because you love the fit and colour and your friends says it looks so nice on you, doesn’t mean you should buy something you do not need. Unless it’s for a special occasion which you saved for, then it’s perfectly acceptable.

2. Buy quality pieces

This means investing properly in the clothes you’ll probably be wearing in the next 5 years. These pieces differ based on personal style and lifestyle. For example, if you work in a more corporate environment, you should invest in quality work wear and a few casual pieces.

Don’t invest in any thing less than excellent quality because in the long run, cheap clothes would cost you more, which would end up more expensive.

3. Don’t invest a lot of money in trends

Do not be confused. Buying quality items is quite different form buying every fashion item that is trending. Mini bags are not a must have if you rarely have casual outings or dates.

A more official bag would do you more good. Do not invest in too many high waist trousers or sneakers if you hardly get to wear them.

4. Look out for sales

Full quality for half the price? Why not? Just be careful what you buy in the name of getting a “good deal”. Still be on the look out for authentic pieces- only difference is, you are getting it cheaper.

5. Choose quality and affordability over brand

Yes, you look absolutely breathtaking in that Calvin Klein dress. No, you can’t afford it. However, there’s a high quality affordable no-name dress that you equally look breathtaking in. Our advice? Take the no-name dress. You will thank us or this tip later.

6. Don’t look down on secondhand clothes and accessories

The fact is, if  those clothing items could last that long, they’re probably original.

You could get some of the best deals when secondhand shopping. Plus, there are actually a lot of secondhand designer items out there. Just make sure the clothes are still at the beginning of their life-span.

7. Take care of your clothes

This might seem pretty easy but it’s actually very important. After acquiring quality clothes and accessories that you love and suit your taste, you need to maintain them.

Not maintaining them means more money being spent to replace them prematurely. This could be easily avoided with some extra care.

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