10 aluminum foil hacks that will make your life easier



Everyone has aluminium foil in the kitchen. It would be strange not to; it is very useful.

Aluminium foil is use to prepare food in the oven, on the grill or to store it in the fridge afterwards. This is why we always have it in the home.

Whether you call it tin foil or aluminium foil, this common household item can be used for much more than just wrapping and cooking food.

Here are 10 alternative uses that could make your life easier:

1. Get rid of static

Want to replace your dryer sheets? Crumple up some clean foil into a ball about the size of a tennis ball and toss it into your dryer. It will help to keep your laundry static-free.

2. Remove rust from chrome

Aluminium foil can be used as a rust-remover. Crumple it up into a ball and use it to rub off rust spots.

3. Clean your grill

If you are already using foil for cooking on the grill, why not repurpose it and use it to clean the grates afterward?

4. Keep bananas fresh longer

It’s natural for bananas to brown over time, but by wrapping the stem end of the fruit in aluminum foil, it will slow the browning process.

5. Clean tarnished silver

If you’ve got silver pieces that aren’t looking as shiny as they once looked, simply line a container with aluminum foil and then add boiling water and about three tablespoons of baking soda.

6. Keep birds away from your garden and fruit trees

In some cases, it can be beneficial to have birds in your garden, but if you are growing seeds that they want to eat, you might not want them around. Try hanging strips of aluminum foil around your garden or on your fruit trees. The foil will reflect the light from the sun and move around in the breeze, helping to scare off unwanted birds.

7. Get your ironing done quicker

Not many people enjoy ironing. But you can get the job done quicker by putting a sheet of aluminium foil shiny side up on your ironing board underneath the cover. The foil will reflect heat back up and help you to essentially iron clothing from both sides at once.

8. Create a makeshift funnel

In a pinch, aluminum foil can be shaped into a funnel for easy, mess-free pouring. Foil also can be used for other funnel-like purposes – such as putting icing on a cake.

9. Sharpen scissors

If you notice your scissors are getting a little dull, aluminium foil can be used for fast and easy sharpening. Fold a sheet of foil a few times and then just cut through it several times to help sharpen the blades.

10. Save soap

Keep bar soap from dissolving away quickly by wrapping it in aluminium foil when not in use. The foil will keep the soap from sitting in water.

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