How to make ironing faster with aluminium foil



Ironing is one of those tasks that never seem to end. New clothes arrive all the time to be ironed and old ones end up in the pile, wrinkled and needing re-ironing.

But what if there was a way to shorten this process and achieve much better results? All you need is a piece of aluminium foil or lemon juice.

The first trick is to use aluminium foil, which you probably already have in your kitchen. Aluminium foil placed under the fabric cover of the ironing board can significantly improve the ironing process.

How it’s working? The foil retains heat and reflects it, which allows you to iron clothes from both sides at the same time. Effect? Significantly shorter ironing time and smooth, crease-free clothes.

The second trick is to add lemon juice to the water in the iron. This natural additive not only gives clothes a fresh scent, but also softens the fabric, making ironing easier. Moreover, citric acid has descaling properties, which helps keep the iron clean.

You can also use both tricks at the same time, then ironing will become a real pleasure!

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