Maraza warns fans to stop hyping him – “I’ve been an absolute mess”



SA rapper, Mazara feels undeserving of all the hype and praises from fans.

A Twitter user says he is unmatched, but the rapper quickly corrected him, saying it was in the past.

The fan claims that Mazara’s work ethic is unmatched: “your work ethic is completely UNMATCHED bro!!!”

The musician turned down the compliment, and said he would work harder in other to embrace the hype.

“I keep hearing this, and I can’t stress how wrong it is. It used to be true but, over the last 2 years, I’ve been an absolute mess. It’s only recently (August) that I have started to slowly get back to form. But Thank u. I’mma do my best to ensure I deserve this compliment again.”

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