5 ways to deal with an office crush



Having a crush on a co-worker sometimes is inevitable. The more so because you spend more time around this person than you do with your partner or family. You see them every day, exchange information about each other, crack jokes and the likes.

Therefore, it isn’t anything to be ashamed of. At some point in each person’s life and career, We are sure there have been secret crushes and admiration.

Most times, people fall for coworkers because it is perhaps the only fun thing at work.

It is exciting to parties involved to indulge in a little office romance but more often than not, office crushes bring unwanted side effects like being gossiped about, inability to concentrate at work, and a sour working atmosphere if it doesn’t end well.

Therefore, you have got to get over that crush, do not be swayed into indulging in an office romance no matter how shorty lived it is. Here’s 5 ways to deal with an office crush:

1. Stop talking about it with other colleagues

Gossip, you know, can spread like wild fire. So if you have a habit of discussing how you feel about that coworker with another colleague, you can be sure that they would repeat it to the others.

Work can get boring sometimes and what better topic to liven the mood than that of your secret crush? Do not be moved to confide how you feel to any other person. After all, you do not want the news getting back to your boss, do you?

2. Refuse to spend too much time with them after work

Eliminating the extra time you spend with that coworker and keeping contact after work to the barest minimum would really help. Hanging out in a group is better than better alone with that person.

Until you feel less emotionally towards them, keep all your meetings within a work related environment, so there is less chance for havoc.

3. Think about the consequences

If you are contemplating making a move on your crush, pause awhile and ruminate on the consequences such actions could bring.

Although some people have found their life partners at work, some have lost their jobs because they engaged in office romance which was tagged as irresponsible and poor work etiquettes.

So ensure you think about it well before making that decision. You don’t want to lose your job, get a broken heart and become the laughingstock.

4. Give yourself time

It is a crush and definitely, the feeling would diminish with time. It might take you longer than some to get over a crush but trust me, at the right time, you would make the right decision.

Do not rush into anything, be watchful and thoughtful and with time, you’ll get over that crush.

5. Talk about it

Yes, you can talk about it. Not with fellow colleague but with your family, partner or best friend. If you have a spouse, confide in them, take time to discuss reasons why you might be feeling something for your crush.

It might not be easy but to be sure, you can do it. After cleansing yourself from whatever feelings you have for your crush, you will help better and more relaxed at work.

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