Water supply halted again at Nelson Mandela Bay



Residents of Nelson Mandela Bay have been experiencing inconsistency in the supply of water to the city’s western and Northern areas for about a week.

On Monday, Nelson Mandela Bay residents were delighted seeing water flow from their taps but this delight was cut short.

The water issue is majorly the effect of power supply outages at Nooitgedacht which has made it difficult for water to be pumped into some reservoirs in the city.

On Monday, the municipality’s communications office informed the residents that water supply system from Nooitgedacht had been restored but after few minutes, they sent another notice that the water had been stopped.

“The water and sanitation department has just been informed of another electricity outage at Nooitgedacht, and all water treatment had to be stopped.”

It first said the Chelsea reservoir was at 13% on Monday, but after the water was let out for consumption, it dropped to 9%.

This indicated that the system was stressed.

It explained that the inconsistency in the provision of water will continue for some days as the system recovers which depends on resident’s daily water usage.


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