10 ways to know if your boyfriend loves you, even if he doesn’t tell you



Expressing yourself in relationships is important, and saying “I love you” is a big part of that.

While the milestone makes the two of you much closer, sometimes people aren’t ready to actually say the word yet and need more time. However, there are some tell tale signs that’ll help put your mind at ease and prove that he loves you.

Below are 10 ways to know if your boyfriend loves you, even if he doesn’t tell you:

1. He talks about the future and uses the word “we” instead of “I”, meaning that he clearly envisions you down the road.

2. It’s never his way or the highway. He’s down to compromise and meet halfway with you, no matter what.

3. He shows public display affection, as well as being affectionate at home. This guy is proud to be with you, and isn’t ashamed to let the world now.

4. He respects all your feelings and dreams, and never belittles you.

5. You’re high up on his priority list. Everyone gets busy, but they make time for what really matters. And that’s you.

6. They’ve stuck through the tough moments, seen you ugly cry, and are there with you even when it’s not fun. This shows that he’s not in it for any shallow reasons or the short haul.

7. He remember the little stuff, that restaurant you said you were obsessed with as a kid, or your favorite kind of toothpaste. This shows that he really values what you say – the little things are sometimes the most meaningful.

8. He doesn’t make any big or important life decisions without you, meaning that you’re an integral and irreplaceable part of his life, and your opinions aren’t just important to him – they’re necessary.

9. Sometimes, he sacrifices his own happiness for you to be happy. This can be anything from letting you choose takeout every time and giving you the better pillow, or a bigger, long-term decision.

10. He always stands up for you, no matter the context or what you’ve done. When someone truly loves you, they’ll stand by your side, even if you happen to be in the wrong. He’ll save the criticism for afterwards at a more private moment.

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