7 signs your partner is a weak man



Defining a weak or a strong man becomes tricky when you think about all the conditioning going on in our society.

What majority defines as strong has damaged the lives of thousands of men all over the world. While women are expected to be overly emotional, gentle, nurturing, and good-looking, men also get their fair share of expectations.

They are supposed to be strong both physically and mentally, never express their emotions freely, never cry, be competitive, and so on, and so forth.

When you start dating a guy it’s hard to tell whether he is actually strong and confident because he knows and loves himself, or he’s just playing the game to appear that way.

That’s why we’ve gathered 7 signs that will tell if your partner is a weak man:

1. He’s selfish

Selfishness comes from weakness of character and that shows lack of care and love in his life. His parents are probably to blame, but if he hasn’t realized that being selfish doesn’t lead anywhere good, by now he probably never will. Only a weak man will care about his own needs only, not thinking about what other people might be feeling at all.

2. He’s unemotional

Yes, we believe that only a strong man is brave and confident enough to show his emotions. A weak one will always think what others would say or think, ending up suppressing what he truly feels. Maybe our society is to blame for this, but this is also a sign of a weak man.

3. He doesn’t take responsibility

Whether we’re talking about planning a trip with his girlfriend or blaming others for his mishaps in life, a weak man is scared of responsibility and avoids it no matter what. Being responsible means to take charge of your life and admit that everything that happens to you is your own doing. The whole concept is scary for weak men – they’d rather blame the world for the state they’re in.

4. He’s a bad listener

Because he’s selfish and pretends not to care most of the time, actually caring about someone become tricky for him. So when his girlfriend needs someone to talk to after a hard day at work or simply because, well, women like to talk about their feelings, he won’t actually listen. He might pretend that he does, but it won’t be real.

5. He tries hard to please everyone

Weak men mostly rely on other people’s opinions in their life. That’s why it is important that everyone thinks he’s a good guy, even if it’s not actually true. Keeping up appearances is what weak men are good at, but as you start getting to know him better, you’ll notice that it all comes from insecurities and the desire to be loved.

6. He’s lazy

Not only lazy to do something about the house or lazy at his work, but also lazy in general as in lacking motivation to do something with his life other than work and relax after work. Strong men have dreams and desires, hobbies and aspirations, while weak men don’t want to venture into anything ‘dangerous’ that might put them in bad light.

7. He doesn’t protect his woman

It’s a well-known fact that man are territorial creatures, at least strong ones are. And we’re not talking about being jealous to every guy that looks her way, but rather about situations that require a show of masculinity. Someone may be hitting on her while they’re both at a bar or saying some bad things – naturally, a man would like to protect his woman. But this is not the case with weak men who always try to avoid conflict.

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