8 fun things to do with your BFF that you’ll remember forever



You wouldn’t call just any friend your BFF and there’s a reason for that. Best friends are there for you no matter what!

They are the ones you call first when you’re extremely happy or upset. They are the ones that share your heartaches and breakthroughs.

They are there for you when you want to go out for coffee or go on the adventure of a lifetime. And like all relationships, friendships also require spicing things up from time to time.

Here are 8 fun things to do with your BFF that you’ll remember forever:

1. Go on a road trip

Going on a road trip is the ultimate adventure all besties should try at least once. It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the road, great music, conversations, junk food, and amazing landscape behind your window. Free one weekend, fill up the gas tank, and just go! This is something you and your BFF will definitely remember forever.

2. Move in together

Now this is a true test for any friendship. You might have stayed together for some time so you think you know what to expect. But beware! Only when you start living with a person you get to really know them. It’s a test, but it could also be incredibly fun. After all, this is your best friend we are talking about!

3. Go on a vacation

Because everything is much more fun when you do it with your bestie. If you’re tired of your everyday routine and feel like unwinding somewhere exotic, grab your BFF, buy two tickets, and just go! Exploring new places with your best friend is one of those experiences that stay with you forever.

4. Go into the wild

Camping is one of the most fun things to do with your best friend. Whether you are an experienced camper or not, plan a trip together, gather all the necessary gear, and venture into the wild. You’ll have more fun and laughs than you can imagine! Setting up the tent, fighting the mosquitos, making s’mores – it will feel like the ultimate adventure of a lifetime. Because that’s what it is!

5. Get matching tattoos

If both of you are a little bit wild and don’t mind getting a tattoo, then why not get some cute little matching ones? Or crazy in-your-face big ones, whatever works best for you. This way you will always have a reminder of your friendship and all those good times you‘ve had together.

6. Go out together without a smartphone

This one is truly crazy, right? Spending a whole day without the Internet and all the ‘outside world’ it offers…you’ll only have each other to rely on! You can go somewhere you’ve never been to (even in your own city), find a new café or restaurant, and have as much fun chatting as you can. It’s all about having great time with your bestie without any distractions whatsoever.

8. Go on a concert

Nothing can be compared to the experience of listening to your favourite band’s live concert. It’s a great way to have fun, unwind, and spend some quality time together.

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