Lasizwe apologises following his tweet on Teenage Pregnancy




Lasizwe has decided to apologise to his fans following the ‘foolish’ statement he made.

It all started when the reality star made a statement concerning a new TV show about teenage pregnancy.

In his words, he claimed one of the girls featured in the popular Moja Love show, Teenage Pregnancy ‘sleeps around’.

Lasizwe went further to say that the one of the girls got pregnant as a result of being raped.

The reality star: “This show on Moja Love called #TeenagePregnancy, so interesting bathong! Nihamba niLala,” he said in the now deleted tweet.

In another tweet, he claimed he had no intention of hurting anyone.

“I realise that my foolish statement may have rubbed people the wrong [way], within reason due to GBV. I apologise for coming across insensitive and irresponsible. With that being said, I retract my statement.”

Khanyi Mbau replied saying his apology has been accepted  but he needs to be careful and take it easy on himself.

Lasizwe also went on to attack men who rape and kill women.





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