Minister Ntshavheni urges Clicks to remove TREsemme products from shelves



Seems the bumpy ride is not over for Clicks yet as TREsemme joins the train.

Minister for Small Business Development, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni was displeased with Clicks response to the racist hair advert.

Clicks have been criticized by many for publishing a controversial TRESemme ad on its website which described black natural hair as “dry, damaged and frizzy” while depicting White hair as “normal”.

This racist ad also sparked protests in Clicks stores which led to the damage of more than seven Clicks store after the EFF threatened to shut them down for five days.

However, the company and the group CEO had apologized following the racist hair advert but Minister Ntshavheni rejected the retailer’s apology.

The minister admonished Clicks to remove TRESemme products from its stores both offline and online to show that it has disassociated themselves with organizations which promote racist and insensitivity form of marketing.

She made it known that the simple apology tendered was not good enough for their racist act.

“The continuous undermining of black people, of women and black young people is because economically not strong enough.”

“So if Clicks are serious about being a good corporate [company] in South Africa, they must contribute to that inclusive economy and say how many of their products are made by black women and how many of their products are suitable for black hair,” she said.

Today is Day 2 for shutting down Clicks stores as Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party members gathered outside Clicks stores around the country on Tuesday morning.

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