Clicks non-executive director claims she earlier warned Clicks of this crisis



Clicks Group’s non-executive director, Nonkululeko Gobodo disclosed on Wednesday that a few months ago, she notified the company’s management of the way it communicates with their black customers.

She said the crisis did not come out of nowhere.

She had earlier warned the management team to be careful with the way they speak with their black customers.

She disclosed this amidst the racist saga going on against Clicks after they published a TREsemme ad on their website which labelled a black woman’s hair as “dry, damaged and frizzy”.

Gobodo said:

“It’s very strange actually. In the last strategic session, this is what I was asking. ‘How are you talking to your black customers?’ And there was even a plan and all of that.”

“And now a few months later, it is proven that the plan is not working. We do have to insist on inclusivity, we want an inclusive economy,” she said.

Clicks decided to shut its doors on Wednesday in order to provide support and counselling to its staff following EFF’s protests actions against Clicks.

Clicks said that it would resume trading on Thursday.

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