Gwen Ngwenya has taken shots at Julius Malema over Clicks protests


“If a company can be shut down for its transgressions, why do we not start first with political parties?” asks Ngwenya

DA head of policy – Gwen Ngwenya has taken shots at EFF leader – Julius Malema.

Gwen Ngwenya, who is DA’s head of policy, has responded to EFF leader – Julius Malema after he made comments about the Clicks protests.

In the midst of ongoing Clicks protests this week, Malema made a statement saying white racists who feel uncomfortable with the party’s action should leave South Africa for Australia.

Leave Clicks and white racism to the EFF, we will deal with it. We will deal with white racists. No white racist man should feel comfortable in SA,” said Malema.

We have to make the lives of white racists so uncomfortable that they are on the next flight to Australia.”

Ngwenya reacted to Malema’s statement saying as long as companies are shut down for their transgressions, then political party leaders who are into corruption should also be punished.

She further said a political party can be closed down and deregistered with the Electoral Commission of SA only if the political leader(s) is involved in corruption.

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