Somizi weighs in on Clicks ad: “Racists know they can get away with murder”


Somizi said: “They can call you k-word today and life will just continue”

Somizi also weighed in on the Clicks hair advert on his Instagram TV.

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung, a media personality has weighed in on several trending issues from this week through a vlog style video he uploaded on his Instagram TV.

Somizi poured out his heart concerning Kaizer Chiefs and how his heart was broken, following Chiefs failure to clinch the Absa Premiership title. He further went on to discuss about the #VulaPresident hashtag and said despite his understanding of how artists feel, he understands that the decision made by the president wasn’t an easy one.

Somizi lastly discussed about the Clicks “racist” advert debacle and shared solid comments surrounding the matter, coupled with his truth as a black person.

Clicks really shi***d on us, they insulted us but they are not the first ones and they are definitely not the last ones,” he began.

Somizi said he wonder why blacks are created to be a “forgiving and understanding” bunch.

The reason the world still disrespects us is because we are too forgiving — we tolerate sh**, ka**, nonsense. We tolerate a whole lot of bullsh**. We’ve been taken as slaves and up till now we still doing kumbaya.”

Somizi further said:

All I’m saying is, what you allow continues. We have allowed a whole lot of things, and we still gonna continue. Let me start here in SA, from the apartheid government; we forgave … kumbaya Mandela. The reason they can still disrespect us today, it’s because of that. Racists know they can get away with murder. They can call you the k-word today and life will just continue,” Somizi said.


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