Zenande Mfenyana is officially a mother!



Zenande Mfenyana has finally revealed to the world she has given birth.

This is coming after the star stated that she is pregnant but at a point, some of her fans felt she should have delivered but she did not say anything.

However, she has finally let the cat out of the bag.

In her tweet, she revealed she couldn’t believe she could do so many things with one hand and the fact she gets little sleep is what a mother has to face.

Zenande stated that she is enjoying every moment of it and being a mother is ‘magical‘.

“I didn’t know I was ambidextrous till I had my daughter…I also didn’t know that I can do soooo many things with one hand, and don’t get me started on being fully functional on such little sleep. Amazing. Being a mother is magical.”

Many of her fans took to the comment section to congratulate the star as she becomes a money.

Some dud not understand what she meant by ‘ambidextrous’ until one fan explained what it means.

It means being able to use both hands as equally well.

Congratulations to Zenande Mfenyane on the arrival of her baby girl. We can’t wait to see the first few snaps.

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