Tito Mboweni reacts on Clicks attacks: “Anarchy is not the motive force of transformation”


Tito Mboweni – Minister of finance has weighed in on Clicks shutdown initiated by EFF

Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni at his presser at parliament during his Medium Term Budget Policy Statement. October 24, 2018. PICTURE: ESA ALEXANDER/SUNDAYTIMES

Tito Mboweni, Finance minister, has blasted the EFF and called them Bakuninist, after they led a protest and caused havoc on some of Clicks stores in the country.

Following the controversial advert posted on Clicks website, many South Africans have expressed their outrage on Twitter, tagging the advert as offensive and racist.

However, Clicks declared the advert that caused a debacle was not its own but was commissioned by TRESemmé. The hair company tendered its apology to the mass on its website and said the purpose of the advert was to promote and celebrate all hair types, but it all went wrong.

The controversial advert resulted to a high outrage and caused EFF to take a protest action against all Clicks stores by closing most of its outlets across the country.

Mboweni weighed in on the matter and said anarchy can never make the country to progress.

Bakuninism is a doctrine of revolutionary anarchism, this definition is according to the Merriam-Webster website.

Moreover, Mboweni has called the EFF as “Bakuninists” times without number. He also was not in support with the destruction of properties and businesses, and said it would definitely haunt the country sooner or later.

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