Unilever and EFF in agreement to bring back TRESemmé products in stores


The EFF and Unilever officials posed for a picture after reaching an agreement that TRESemmé products could remain on South African store shelves.

An agreement have been met towards TRESemmé products, after Unilever (which supplies TRESemmé products in South Africa) met with the EFF on Thursday.

Following the controversial hair racist advert that has sparked lots of reactions and protests, large retailers like Shoprite Checkers, Pick n Pay, and Clicks agreed to remove all TRESemmé products from their shelves.

However, Unilever and EFF have made a mutual agreement that TRESemmé products can be placed back on shelves in different stores in 10 days’ time.

A statement was issued after their meeting. They said they have agreed on the following:

  • Unilever expresses its remorse to all South Africans, black women in particular, for the racist TRESemmé SA image.
  • Unilever will withdraw all TRESemmé SA products from all retail stores for a period of 10 days as a demonstration of its remorse for the offensive and racist image.
  • In addition, Unilever will donate a minimum of 10,000 sanitary towels and sanitisers to informal settlements identified by the EFF.

Moreover, EFF requested to get the names of the employees behind the controversial advert, but Unilever said that won’t be possible.

We could not find each other on the publishing of the names of the people responsible for the racist image,” the joint statement from the two parties said. “Moreover, the director involved in the campaign has since left the company and the country,” the statement revealed.

The company has promised to take quick action against the remaining employees.

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