Capitec experiences ‘technical glitch’ as clients get overnight double deductions



Capitec has received tons of complains from their customers following errors in their bank accounts.

The bank said the errors were as a result of “technical glitch” on their part.

Customers of Capitec bank who made transactions on some card machines complained that they received deductions from their bank accounts for transactions which was not made.

Some customers also complained that some of their cards seemed to have been used in retail stores early on Friday morning.

Other bank account holders said cash back purchases were made.

On Friday, Capitec tweeted that the deductions were caused by a fault in their technical department

“We are aware of a technical issue between us and another bank that has caused Capitec clients who transacted on this bank’s card machines to be double deducted,” Capitec said.

“Our IT team is working to rectify the issue. The transactions will be reversed within the next 24 hours.”

Capitec said it would contact the affected customers directly in order to rectify it.

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