7 things a man should never say to his woman



In a healthy relationship, communication and honesty are two values that come before all others.

There will certainly be a bonehead moments in relationship. However, there are a number of things guys are not to say never tell their girlfriends

And unfortunately, most of these moments will be your doing as the male in the relationship.

While an occasional slip of the tongue is not completely unavoidable, as a guy, you should still avoid saying anything that may trigger a throw of a frying pan or a pointed heel towards your forehead.

Here are 7 things you should avoid saying to your woman if you truly love her:

1. “Stop being dramatic”

Trust me, most ladies find this statement offensive. Just leave them to vent, they will figure it out. If you think they are overreacting. Just give them the space to fume out.

2. “You behave like my ex.”

No one wants to be compared to an ex unless the ex is a model.

3. “You’d look better if…..”

For real, how insensitive can you? No one needs to be reminded or have their body flaws put on their face neither should one suggest something to improve how they look.

4. “You’ve gained weight”

A word to the ladies; you have to love a guy who doesn’t mind if his bae gains a little relationship weight, but smart of him to not mention it.

5. “You look really different in the mornings”

This is kind of insensitive to many ladies. Who even wakes up in the morning looking freshly showered with a full face of makeup?

6. “You are so lazy”

If you have the balls to say this to a woman you care about, you must either want to be alone for the rest of your life, or really enjoy the sound of a woman’s voice screaming at the top of her lungs at you.

7. Yeah, she’s sexy!”

I know your girlfriend or wife will lead you down this path at least once in your relationship. She may even comment first about how “sexy” this other woman is. Do not fall for it, and change the subject immediately. You cannot possibly come out of that discussion on top.

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