Boity opens up on how her man should propose her



SA rapper and multi-talented businesswoman, Boity Thulo desires a lovery-dovey relationship.

She also wants her idea of wedding proposal to come true.

A Twitter user spoke on how she wants an unexpected proposal from her man.

“I never wanna tell my husband that I wanna get married. That I “want that ring”. I want him to wake up one day and decide he wants to propose to me, talk to my pops, buy that ring and propose…BY HIMSELF… not because I kept mentioning it,” tweep said.

However, Boity says she’s not riding that way, as she’s set to share ideas with her man on how he should propose her, and also the kind of ring she wants.

“Lol! I’m going as far as sending him a picture of the exact ring I want. We can even share ideas on how he should propose,” she tweeted.

The rapper’s love life is still vague to many, but it’s been rumored times without number that she’s in a romantic relationship with Maps Maponyane.

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