Actress Mona Monyane recounts how her friend allegedly got drugged in Pretoria club



Actress Mona Monyane narrated how her friend got kidnapped after she was drugged by unknown people in a club.

She stated that when she disclosed the incident, she called out the name of the club but all she got was condemnation.

Monyane said most people thought she was trying to look for cheap publicity because no one believed her.

The actress took to her twitter page to recount the experience.

She also attributed the closure of clubs to be the reason why some women are kidnapped after their abductors trick them with fake job openings.

On her twitter page tagged with Human Trafficking, she said:

“Remember when I tweeted about that club in PTA where my friend got spiked and later found herself in some apartment with a room that had a mattress on the floor and burglar bars on the bedroom door and the youths of Twitter accused me of making it up?”

“Well I guess now that the clubs are closed they are desperate and that is why so many women are being snatched from the streets and tricked into non-existent job posts.”

Human Trafficking has been an issue in this country but people really don’t listen.”

She said an employee of the club slammed her claims which got her name “dragged through the mud publicly so they can hide their demonic ways.”

“In the meantime the club marketing guy was harrasing me on this app as most of you cheered him on.”

“What irritates me most was how many of you believed I was lying and making things up. Well my darlings. Here we are. #HumanTrafficking”

Another lady also commented on her post and explained how her friend got drugged but escaped the claws of suspected kidnappers.

The twitter user with the name, Morodi said her friend was drugged and passed out.

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