Joburg lawyer says ‘F*** you, judge’ during court session



A lawyer has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

The angered lawyer was seen in a viral video using foul words on the judge during a digital sitting of the Johannesburg High Court.

He reacted furiously to the judge’s verdict.

He replied with 16 ‘F-words’.

His conduct shocked viewers across SA.

Watch video below:

Darren Sampson claimed he was given ‘about 20% of the judge’s time’ while his opposition got more time and that frustrated him.

Sampson added that his emotion got a better part of him and he also revealed that an unspecified medical condition also exacerbated the situation.

The Legal Practice Council condemn his conduct and disclosed that disciplinary actions will be taken against Sampson.

“The Legal Practice Council condemns in the strongest terms this behaviour. As the regulator of the legal profession, we believe that our judicial system is one of the most robust in the world.”

“The behaviour in Johannesburg shows a total disregard of our judicial system, and a complete lack of respect for the presiding officer and the Judiciary.”

“It is unfortunate and concerning, as it seems that such conduct is becoming endemic and we will be taking steps against the legal practitioner in line with the Council’s disciplinary processes.”

“The LPC believes in the right to freedom of expression, however, it is alarmed by the lack of decorum and professionalism demonstrated here.”- Legal Practice Council.

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