Five things Gavin Hunt needs to urgently work on at Chiefs


New Kaizer Chiefs coach – Gavin Hunt.

New coach Gavin Hunt replaces the vacant post, after Kazer Chiefs fired Ernst Middendorp.

However, Kaizer Chiefs have suffered five seasons without a single trophy, the longest trophy drought for the club.

Chiefs suffered another heartbreak this season after it slipped on the last day of Absa Premiership to hand over the trophy to Mamelodi Sundowns.

The following five points will toggle around the things Gavin Hunt need to fix immediately at Amakhosi:

1. Bring in fresh faces

Obviously, this would be a tough decision since they are still battling to lift the transfer ban against them. However, the point still stands – Hunt needs to bring in fresh faces into the team. Why? There are several players at Chiefs who have attained their height and have nothing else to offer. So what Hunt needs to do is put them up for sale and pave way for new, skillful players, who will be so eager to bring success to the team.

2. New playing style and tactics needed

It is no doubt that 2019/20 season saw Amakhosi side play boring football which has pissed its fans at several occasion. The style Middendorp was using dragged away the winning mentality from the players. So Hunt needs to bring in a totally different style and tactics, so as to rebuild the team. The fans want interesting football from Chiefs players and players like Khama Billiat and Sphelele Ntshangase are capable of achieving this.

3. Motivation and inspiration

We know Hunt to be a reserved coach, but he will need to make changes. The players need to be motivated and inspired so as to boost their confidence. His humility isn’t needed at a big club like Chiefs, he needs to be a source of inspiration and motivation to his team.

4. Build a confident team

This is a process and might take a long period, but it is needed. There are some players who have not been given enough playing time to prove their worth which in turn has lowered their confidence. Hunt needs to study them during training sessions and select those he is sure will feel worthy of playing time. We think this aspect won’t be a tough one for Hunt.

5. Clinch the MTN8 trophy

Apparently, if Hunt wins this trophy, it will definitely be a huge start for him. The club management, the team, and the fans would be so excited and this would make them gain his trust. Hunt needs to give his all in this short competition that comprises of just four games before crowned a champion. This should be an easy cake for Hunt, judging on his capability and success rate. He has won this trophy before and can do it again with much ease.

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