Several arrested following horse massacre during protest in PE



The police have arrested so many people following the slaughter of a racehorse at the Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth.

The protesters allegedly killed the horse with pangas and other weapons.

The protest was staged by the Fairview Racecourse employers.

It was fueled by the non-payments of UIF money and other labour-related issues.

The employees on Thursday vent their anger and transferred their aggression to the animals.

The International Racing Club owners in a statement said ex-employees who were fired for backing up a fellow employee who stabbed a horse started the protest.

They protested on the racecourse and “chaos” erupted.

According to the police, more than 100 protesters broke locks and forced 28 horses out of their stables.

However, full details are yet to be disclosed at this stage but it was made known that all the the loose horses are back in their stables and those that were injured are being treated by veterinary surgeons.

The Fairview Racecourse also indicated that some animals are still in a critical condition.

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