10 ugly habits to seriously drop before you reach 30



You were once a teenager and then it was allowed to do all the crazy things because you felt it was part of growing up.

Most of us spend our 20s figuring sh*t out: our careers, our relationships, ourselves. And we’re going to make plenty of mistakes along the way.

That’s more than Ok—no one’s perfect. Plus, mistakes build character.

No matter what age you are, there’s no time like the present to start letting go of certain habits so you can keep crushing it in your 30s, 40s, and beyond.

Here are some routes on how to get started. Now that you’re a real adult, you should probably stop doing these 8 things:

1. Being selfish in your friendships

If you have a friend who is willing to drop everything and come to you when you need them, be a friend for that person, too. If you don’t wish to be, don’t ask them to be that person for you.

Friendships often have a hierarchy where one is the doer, giver, goer, and the other just receives. If your friendship is all about you, it’s not a friendship. Make an equal effort, or don’t expect it.

2. Finding your self-worth in other people

Say goodbye to toxic relationships and toxic friends. That includes if they are within your family. Stop saying yes to things because you’re afraid of people being angry at you. Do what makes you happy.

3. Skipping beauty routines

Aging is a slow state of decay. You’re moving along in that decay and you need to step up your beauty routine. That means anti-aging treatments, moisturizing, and hydration has to become a habit immediately.

4. Making bullsh*t excuses for not living the life you want

Whether it’s eating food you know is terrible for you but can’t resist, or not working out, or overspending your budget, it’s not acceptable. We shouldn’t have toxic relationships, and that includes with ourselves.

5. Sleeping your life away

When we were in college, it was common to stay out all night and then sleep until noon the next day. If you still have the capacity to sleep half a day, you clearly have too much free time and need to get a hobby. Or a job.

6. Not having cash on you

I know; we live in a world that allows everything to be paid digitally. But an adult shouldn’t leave the house without cash, ever. Don’t assume everywhere you go is credit card friendly, or that those you’re with are more responsible and will have some of their own. Are you that eager to end up washing dishes?

7. Holding onto petty grudges

Stop Facebook stalking your exes, or talking about your exes, or trash talking former friends. Life is short. Keep the people in your life close, and get rid of anyone that isn’t making your world a better place. Don’t participate in drama and don’t cause drama. Don’t live in the past; work to make a better future.

8. Not cooking….ever

Learn a handful of recipes and build on that. It’s healthier and more budget-friendly.


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