Two foreigners found in possession of highly endangered pangolin



Two suspects of foreign national have been arrested by the police.

The police in a statement on Monday said these suspects were found in a taxi in possession of an endangered pangolin

According to the National police spokesperson, Col Athlenda Mathe, this arrest was made when members of the rapid rail policing unit from Gauteng North and Limpopo and soldiers were conducting routine vehicle searches in Komatipoort.

Mathe said the taxi which the two foreigners boarded was stopped and searched by the team.

There the team found the endangered species in their possession.

More investigation further revealed that the two got into the county illegally.

They duo have been charged to court and are expected to appear in the Komatipoort magistrate’s court on Tuesday.

Pangolins are one of the world’s most illegally trafficked land mammals.

Those who illegally hunt Pangolins from SA most times sell it to Chinese who use it to prepare delicacies or use it for traditional herbs.


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