Wrapped body in blanket discovererd at Kempton Park cemetery


On Monday, a dead man’s body was discovered at Mooifontein Cemetery in Norkem Park.

The cause of his death still remains a mystery.

According to Norkem Park SA Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Sgt. Johanna Madiga:

The man was found lying face up with plastic wrapped around his head. His face was covered with blood and his hands had been tied with cable ties.”

It looked like the man was killed somewhere else and dumped in the cemetery,” Madiga said.

She added that according to the Kempton Park Express reports, the man had been on blue jeans and a T-shirt.

At about 11.30 am, Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) officers patrolling the Mooifontein Cemetery parameters responded when flagged by two members of the community, citing they saw what looked like a motionless person inside the cemetery,” said Kobeli Mokheseng EMPD spokesperson.

The middle-aged man was declared dead by medical experts on site. He had been wrapped in a beige with pink flowers blanket, had cable ties around his arms, a tight plastic bag covering his face with a deep laceration on his forehead.”

The body was transported to the government mortuary, accompanied by the local SAPS for autopsy and thorough investigations,” said Mokheseng.

Madiga said the man should be around the age of 35 and 40. Anyone who is in search of a missing member is beckoned to reach out to the Norkem Park SAPS.