Golden Arrow staff set to protest in Philippi



Unions disclosed that they are preparing for protest against Golden Arrow Bus Services workers.

Golden Arrow Bus Services workers plan to protest at a depot in Philippi on Friday.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and the Transport and Omnibus Workers Union were due in Labour Court on Wednesday.

Numsa explained that before it gave the company a notice to embark on industrial action, Golden Arrow had already approached the court to stop the strike.

This week, staff members held a demonstration at the Arrogate Depot in Montana requesting for changes in the conditions of employment.

Numsa said it was fully prepared to stand on its intended industrial action against Golden Arrow.

Numsa’s Vuyo Lufele said that the letter the staff received indicated that all employees will be paid the industry minimum rates effective from August first nut nothing changed.

“We are not turning back. We are going to obtain a strike certificate and we will serve them with a strike notice and workers will fight their battles on the streets.”

Golden Arrow said that the dispute was prompted after a new remuneration structure for promotional positions were implemented while those in their current positions had nothing changed.

However, Lufele claimed that Golden arrow’s statement was not true.

“We have got their changes in black and white. They failed to consult with us on what we believe is a change to workers’ wages.”

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